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In the late 1980s I started mounting and selling vintage and antique prints at local fairs in Norfolk - a job I could manage while my children were young.

Now I've retired from full-time work as an HR consultant, and have come back to mounting and selling again.  The stack of material I have to work from has grown over the intervening years - my husband is an antiquarian bookseller and I rescue the material he can't use when a book or magazine is incomplete or damaged.

We've long since moved from Norfolk and now live in the lovely Staffordshire Moorlands.  I spend far more time than is profitable on choosing and mounting the prints, and maintaining the website, but it's a labour of love - and it keeps me out of trouble.

Since 2018 I've been selling online and now post to many countries throughout the world.  I have all 5-star ratings on Etsy and eBay, and have posted some of them here.

Jill Barlow

Thank you - all perfect and delivered very quickly. (Charles)

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